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Thread: Becoming A Sperm Donor?

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    Default Becoming A Sperm Donor?

    Serious thread! How do you go about becoming a sperm donor? I have seen only limited info on the web.
    My motives are purely altruistic. Are their age limits, I'm over 35.
    Denmark seems a possible option as I would object to the notion of my identity being released to the resulting offspring compulsorily, which AFAIK happens in the UK.
    Also will something as in my case like alcoholic genes (inherited but not active in me!) count against one becoming a donor and BTW I am not a Nobel prize winner or Olympic medal winner or 6 Ft 2!
    And indeed as can happen with blood donating can our hobby count against us?
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    if you disclose that you visit escorts , i'd guess they would refuse you .
    you could always google
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    These requirements are pretty much universal.

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