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Thread: Samlad is on duty to day

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    Default Samlad is on duty to day

    Two closed threads.

    I once put up a positive review for a lady, and she then removed all her reviews.

    Subsequently she put them back up, and I checked to-day, and everything I had said about her was good.

    Found that strange.

    As regards price threads, I always liked the Clery's model

    30 mins 99.99 euro

    One hour 199.99 euro.

    It was supposed to make things seem cheaper.

    Even car sales are always rounded down by a euro.

    Is it mental arithma thick.? or wat?

    Last night I wrote a little story on my profile, so as not to be cluttering up too many threads

    Anyone see it ?

    Also I have stopped using icons,,,,are they really that important?
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