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    I would like to draw attention to the below article featured on today

    (The “reader comments” section of the above article also makes for some interesting reading)

    From the article

    Trafficking for sexual exploitation is one of the fastest growing crimes of our time – according to the Immigrant Council of Ireland.
    The above bolden statement is another example of the Immigrant Council of Ireland trying to portray Human Trafficking and the Sex Industry as the same thing. Human Trafficking and the Sex Industry are two totally separate entities.
    (It is also worth noting that there are significantly more persons trafficked to work [usually for very little, if any remuneration] in industries not in any way connected to the Sex Industry).

    “Teenagers are tricked into coming to Ireland with promises of a new life, job or marriage only for reality to dawn in the car park of Dublin Airport. It is there the dream becomes a nightmare.

    “What follows are daily rapes in brothels and being rapidly moved around the country to meet the demand from sex buyers for fresh meat. This is the reality of prostitution in Ireland.
    “Fresh meat” (especially used in the context that Denise Charlton has done above) is not a very nice term to use to describe anybody (male or female). It is particularly offensive that a person who is seeking to portray all persons working in the Sex Industry as victims describes anyone in such a manner.

    “Luckily 19 of them have gotten to the Immigrant Council where we’re able to support them…some of them don’t even know what country they’re in.
    The above bolden statement sounds fabricated to justify the agenda of the Immigrant Council of Ireland/TORL. However, I have no doubt that if funding which the Immigrant Council of Ireland receives were to be increased substantially, multiples of the aforementioned 19 victims could be rescued .

    Charlton said, “Young boys get trafficked too- sometimes it’s for forced labour. In the area of sexual exploitation it’s mostly girls but not always.”
    As highlighted previously, there are more persons trafficked to work in industries not in any way related to the Sex Industry, yet this is greatly overlooked. Why are persons (and particularly males) who are trafficked to work for little or no remuneration (often well below minimum wage [in settings such as construction sites, farms and factories]) less important to the Immigrant Council of Ireland than persons working in the Sex Industry?
    (It is also worth noting that the overwhelming majority of Sex Workers in Ireland are operating independently [and more importantly, consensually])
    Odds against you?

    PM The Equalizer

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    Charlton states that ICI have ''represented'' 60 people since 2006. What exactly does represented mean? How many of these 60 cases resulted in criminal convictions for the supposed coercive traffickers? Is an average of 7 ''representations'' a year in any way impressive?

    If human trafficking is such a widespread problem in Ireland, how come 22 co-ordinated raids by Gardai this month failed to find a single trafficked woman? And how do ICI define the term ''trafficked'' anyway?
    2014 in Northern Ireland:

    Number of reported attacks on sex workers 70

    Number of sex trafficking cases ZERO

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    Quote Originally Posted by Davidontour View Post
    And how do ICI define the term ''trafficked'' anyway?
    That's easy, if they say she's trafficked, then she's trafficked.

    She, because they don't give a sh t about men, trans*people or even uncooperative women. Irrelevant to their agenda. Our tax € at work.

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