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    Lightbulb Top Escort Trumps - ANYONE?

    I made a suggestion to Pat back when the new rules were being formulated and as a result she said she was too busy to really look into it at the time, but she would get back to me - which she hasn't.

    So I'm posting it here to see what other users think.

    My suggestion - or question really - was whether any of Pat's computer geeks would be capable of producing a free to play online version of Top Trumps - with escorts!!

    The 30 girls featured on the cards could be selected via numerous ways.
    They could be the top reviewed girls.
    They could be voted for by users.
    Or it could generate extra revenue for Pat and advertising for the girls and the 30 cards could be sold.

    Imagine the fun of pitting the girl's cup sizes against each other!
    Or height.
    Or date of birth.
    Or highest heels!!
    Or length of hair.
    Or number of favourites.

    I know I'd be a regular player.

    Anyone else?

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