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    I don't know exactly what percent of men use the services of escorts in Ireland. I would guess that about 3 to 5% of men see escorts on a reasonably regular basis, once or twice a month. That is a lot of votes given that the majority would be voters. Does anybody have better estimates? I for one do not like this personal attack on my freedom or the freedom of escorts to earn a living in a consenting private act between adults which causes nobody any harm. This push by the religious to push their morals on society is a bit of a U-turn on the direction society has been going since the 60's. It's like trying to ban condoms again or making sex before Marriage illegal for a man. Why don't they stick a bill head in the legislation (which otherwise seems OK) for those also while they are at it! England and other countries have not accepted this attack on peoples freedoms/rights.

    I for one will be watching closely the voting tactics and I will definitely be taking it strongly into account when the next election comes around and other elections in the future. I will never vote again for a party that does not reject head 10 of the bill. Could it be that I will only be voting for independents for ever more? It will become a point of principle for me for an attack by the religious moralists on peoples freedom in this society. I wonder how many other people in this society feel the same way. A lot of votes I guess.
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    It's a bit of an odd one because the Government won't gain a single vote because of it, not a single one and because they are criminalising decent civilized people, will actually lose some!
    The generally accepted figure of men paying DIRECTLY for sex is 10%, in Ireland, I suspect it maybe closer to 20% having indulged at some stage! That's a lot of votes!
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    This is an issue that will make no difference vote wise for any party. The only politician s that are against the law change are some of the looney left that don't want power.

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    Non religious people will also support this proposed legislation.It will receive cross party support and if the govt pulled out of it now they would probably lose more votes than they would gain from us.

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