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Thread: looking for an alternative to pattaya

  1. Default looking for an alternative to pattaya

    Been to pattaya 3 times now, trying to decide on a 4th trip to there or somewhere else , Ive never been to anywhere else in Thailand so Phuket and Bangkok are options, would like some info on costa rica or the Dominican republic as I hear these are good destinations

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    You should consider Cuba too, great place.

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    Why do you recommend Cuba? I've never been, don't know much about the place . . .

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    I'd recommend Cuba as well. You'll know why when you get there

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    Hi Mr Pink,

    When picking a place to go on holidays, I consider four main criteria: Selection of ladies, price, safety and ambiance.

    Of the places mentioned, I have been to Pattaya, Bangkok, Phuket, Dominican Republic and Cuba.

    Of these, I would have to say that Pattaya remains my favourite. As you know, the selection of ladies is immense and even though, I do not find a lot of Thai ladies to be sexually attractive, there are (as you know) so many of them that I always find a few to my liking. I should say that I also like the LBs so that increases my choice. Of course, you can stay away from the craziness of Walking Street and I have spent many good times exploring other areas of Pattaya - Soi Buakao is a favourite of mine. On the four criteria, Pattaya scores high on all of them.

    The scene in Bangkok is actually much smaller than Pattaya - essentially on Sukumvit between Soi 4 (Nana) and Soi 22 (Cowboy). The standard of lady would be higher in Bangkok but it more expensive (ladies, accommodation, etc) and you do not find the small laid-back bars that you can find (with some looking!) in Pattaya. However, it is a big city (in fact a mega-city) so there is a lot more to do outside mongering than in Pattaya.

    I have only been to Phuket once and would not return - it is small and (for me) had zero ambiance. Chang Mai is worth considering - it has a great selection with none of the 'hard sell' that you can get in Pattaya, Phuket and especially Bangkok.

    What is great about all the places I have been to in Thailand is how safe they are - I have been there a number of times and never had any real bother. Naturally, you do have to keep your wits about you until you know a joint - especially in Bangkok. (Side piece of advice to anyone new to Thailand - never go with freelancers.)

    Went to the Dominican Republic once - there was no scene that I could find in Santo Domingo (Capital) but I am told there is one. Spent most of the time in Sosua (in the north) - small but very vibrant scene with an excellent selection of ladies - beautiful, friendly and sassy as hell. Two issues, one, there were quite a few scam artists around Sosua. I had a Spanish speaking friend with me and he was usually able to suss them quickly but, I thought afterwards that, I would not have liked to be there on my own. Two, most of the ladies spoke no English and I have no Spanish - this took away quite a bit from the trip. (As you know, most of the ladies in Pattaya have limited English but quite a few have good English - at this stage, I also have some Thai which always helps.) Overall, I would not be in a rush back to the Dominican Republic.

    I have been to Cuba twice but on group trips (so not mainly mongering). However, the ladies are amazing - some of the ladies on the Malecon in Havana are stunning. (I often think that a very large percentage of the latino ladies have 'it' - sheer sensuous magnetism - second only to the black ladies - and there quite a few of those in Cuba as well!!) Language was also a problem but not as bad as the Dominican Republic. My main problem with Cuba is that the scene in Cuba seems to be centred on the streets, which is not my preference. Perhaps, a BM with more experience would tell me if I am wrong on this one? Also, it is very safe - some scam artists but easily enough spotted. BTW, Cuba is wonderful and the people are amazing so well worth any kind of holiday. I would go back there in the morning (but it would be even better if you spoke some Spanish).

    I have not been to Costa Rica and I would also like to go to Brazil so any info from BMs would be gratefully received. I have also been reading about South Africa - sounds great but quite unsafe. However, I have never heard from someone who has actually been there so, again, any info would be appreciated.

    I hope the above is of some use. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to get back to me.

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    Anywhere close to home you would recommend in europe for a bit of fun and sun :-)

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    Koh Samui quite but good

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