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Thread: The New Anti-prostitution Bill (North and South of Ireland)

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    Default The New Anti-prostitution Bill (North and South of Ireland)

    Hi everyone (not working today, will reply to questions tomorrow if any).

    As we know, Northern Ireland will be implementing the new anti-prostitution bill. The Republic will inevitably be following suit, but THAT IS NOT SET IN STONE YET.

    Just to let you all know, the bill has been voted in but they have not yet come into force yet. The laws have not changed, and they still have a while to go before they do become law:

    There are loads of threads about this law and I think that people are muddying the waters here with a bit of pre-law mass hysteria. I have put this thread up at the request of several people that have asked me to clarify this.

    Once the law is in force, the police will not be arresting people for already having reviews and posts on the forums that came in before the law either.

    While I am on the subject, it seems that we are getting a sudden influx of reviews that may or may not be genuine. Floki and I have been processing about 30% more reviews a day since this hysteria began. Methinks (as well as some other people that have contacted me) that this is a knee-jerk reaction from escorts that are trying to give their profiles some credibility now, so that once the law does come into play, clients that will continue to visit 'trusted' escorts will also consider them too.

    It is not easy to detect fake reviews and sometimes the reviewers have to slip up before we do find them. Obviously this waters down our reviews system, so any accounts found to be suddenly reviewing escort accounts in short bursts will be investigated with a fine toothed-comb and any reviews considered to be fake be ratted. As I always say, reviews are a guide submitted by the public; we do our best to weed out the fake ones, but it is always best to bear in mind that they ARE a guide, and SHOULDN'T be regarded as FACT, and clients shouldn't solely depend on reviews to make a choice.

    Once the laws DO actually BECOME LAW, we will keep everyone up to date about this.

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