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Thread: New photo albums here ei, limerick, galway, sligo, dublin, dundalk, waterford kerry

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    Dick New photo albums here ei, limerick, galway, sligo, dublin, dundalk, waterford kerry

    Hi guys these are my new tour dates but please be sure you book in advance on the first day I arrive in a city or town by you if you are wanting an appointment with me and please do the same when you are hoping to meet up when I am in a city or town just for one day. Otherwise you may find I am already fully booked when you make contact and as once this tour is over it will be 2015 till we will be able to meet up for some fun and hot erotic kinky games.

    Please double click the image below to enlarge it, just one of my photos form yet another new movies clip which will be added to the new 52 page website coming so but I am still using my website and have already put a few more photos up for you to check out. And dont forget its always safer to contact via my ladyvonteese@gmail account so please be sure to put the heading of the city in the email where you are hoping to meet.

    I have put up new photos albums here on EI but feel free to also check out the other too ................Click image for larger version. 

Name: MM Peek aboo  7.jpg 
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ID:	105712 Click image for larger version. 

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    To see the new albums go to then scroll down passed the banners click the tick and then you are in the website and I am sure you will enjoy the new album (In Bed with Lady Von Teese, a Fly on the wall) which has never been seen before and I have never showed so much of myself on-line either. Enjoy!

    Have a great week and look forward to seeing you before Xmas comes in the following pleases below?

    New Tour Date: Ireland


    30th November (Sunday) from 3pm – 10pm
    1st December (Monday) from 11am -10pm
    2nd December (Tuesday) from 11am -10pm
    3rd December (Wednesday) from 11am – 10pm
    4th December (Thursday) from 10.30am – 11.30am only

    Galway Salt Hill

    4th December (Thursday) 5pm – 10pm
    5th December (Friday) 11am – 10pm
    6th December (Saturday) 12 noon – 10pm
    7th December (Sunday) 11am – 10pm
    8th December (Monday) 11am – 10pm
    9th December (Tuesday) 11am – 10pm

    10th December (Wednesday) 4pm – 10pm
    11th December (Thursday) 11am – 10pm
    12th December (Friday) 11am – 10pm
    13th December (Saturday) 11am -12 noon only

    13th December (Saturday) 3pm
    14th December (Sunday) 11am – 10pm
    15th December (Monday) 11am – 10pm
    16th December (Tuesday) 11am – 12 noon only

    Dublin Tallaght
    16th December (Tuesday) 3pm – 10pm
    17th December (Wednesday) 10am – 12 noon only

    17th December (Wednesday)) 3.30pm – 10pm
    18th December (Thursday) 10am – 12 noon only

    18th December (Thursday) 4pm – 10pm
    19th December (Friday) 11am – 10pm
    20th December (Saturday) 11am – 10pm
    21st December (Sunday) 11am – 10pm
    22nd December (Monday) 10am – 12 noon only

    Kerry Tralee
    22th December (Monday) 4pm – 10pm
    23rd December (Tuesday) 10am – 12 noon only

    23nd December (Tuesday) 4pm – 10pm
    24th December (Wednesday) 10am – 12 noon only
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