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    Every time one reads an article that doesn’t mindlessly parrot “sex trafficking” hysteria or some other aspect of the anti-sex movement, yet isn’t written by a sex worker or ally, one can be sure there will be an obligatory sentence about how it’s “surprising” or “paradoxical” or whatever that anti-sex carceral feminists (to use my term, “neofeminists”) are in bed with evangelical Christians.

    The only people who could actually consider this alliance to be anything other than wholly predictable are those who A) believe in the ridiculous “left wing-right wing” dichotomy [...] ; B) accept fanatical cults’ propaganda about their motives as truthful even if it demonstrably conflicts with their public behavior; and C) are completely ignorant of the history of the Anglo-American anti-sex movement.
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    Male and Trans* escorts, don't be fooled: they're coming for you too.

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    the feminists and the prostitutes are closer than people think. They are both clued in on how men think. The feminists use it as their propaganda, whilst the prostitutes use it to make a living.

    being honest i have the utmost respect for any woman (or man for that matter) who diverges from the realms the conventional life of marriage and work.

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    First, second and third wave feminists. Neofeminists. Marxist feminists. I've still so much to learn ...
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