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Thread: I'm Rich. You're Hot. (Long read)

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    I'm Rich. You're Hot.

    Lauren Smiley, October 28, 2014
    San Francisco Magazine

    The cold mathematics of sugar daddy dating.

    Like many men who fall short of Jude Law handsome, Bruce Boston struggles on OkCupid. It probably doesn’t help that his profile describes him as a “somewhat socially awkward introvert,” his teeth as “crooked,” and his tastes as kinky and nonmonogamous. In real life, too, the 44-year-old data analyst would have a hard time competing with the other guys at this midweek house party in the Mission...

    Yet Boston, sitting on the couch in the living room and nursing a ginger ale, has an advantage over most of his younger, svelter counterparts...

    Boston is one of a growing number of 21st-century sugar daddies: well-off men who unabashedly pay for female companionship, friendship, and sex. And he’s probably getting more of the latter than most of the other men here.
    I detest - on several levels - the "Sugar Daddy" and "Sugar Baby" terminology, but this is a really excellent read if you have a few minutes.

    And it mentions Celeste and Danielle, my absolute heroes

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    This guy is rich and good looking
    Follow your dreams, there not going anywhere, unless you act on them.
    Don't put off what you can do today.
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