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Thread: Please support Laura Lee. Please donate what you can.

  1. Default Please support Laura Lee. Please donate what you can.

    Many of you already know Laura Lee I suspect. She is a sex worker who has worked tirelessly with 100% commitment against the TOTRL crowd's plans to criminalise clients not just in this jurisdiction but has battled against Lord Morrow's Bill and Rhoda Grant in Scotland also.

    As we know travelling expenses etc cost money and even if they didn't I still think that she deserves renumeration.

    If you are serious about taking a stand in the struggle against criminalisation one of the best ways to show your resolve is to contribute to her fund.

    You don't necessarily have to donate a fortune. If a large amount of people gave 10 even it won't break the bank and it would be of help to Laura.

    The link is here:

    Thank you.

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