Do You know who is the only female here on EI who “never” puts threads up such as "I love Cock come fuck me hard I can take it all" "Come in my mouth, I will swallow it all" "fuck my ass hard" "come all over my tits" Etc. No one will ever find such explicit post on-line from me here EI or any other website so no paper trail. I never put up these type of post which will only leave an on-line paper trail back to the person I am with if the worst was ever to happen to any girl posting such explicit act. And never work in brothels, offer unprotected services or have client coming and going 24/7 either.

I also pay my Tax here in Ireland so if the worse was ever to happen when the new laws fully come in apart from there not being any paper tail from me, you will also never be involved in an additional court case when the girl you are catch with is being charged for none payment of her Tax’s

I have always made myself clear I run my business very differently from others in the same business And always keep things very discreet for all parties concerned too so when the Irish laws do take effect fully very soon. I will be not only the safest lady to visit but a lady who offers lots and lots of clean safe, discreet and sensual fun with only like-minded people who wish to keep it that way so not to get catch and end up all over the Newspapers and in Court.

So it’s time to make your move before it’s too late and pay me a visit to come and meet me then we can get to know each other and have some fun. And in the future when you need to make contact with me via my ladyvonteese@gmail.com account to book for our next meeting you will know you’re going to be safe in more ways than just one. Like you I too like to keep things very, very discreet but love it have lots of fun in my meetings too.

Please make sure when you email me for a booking, you put the email heading "Meeting Up Ireland" and the city or towns closer to you and while being discreet time dates and what type of meeting you’d like to share with me.

If you wish to contact me to find out which website my new movies (from which my photos in my albums were taken from) as the movie clips will be up close to December 2014 please do so by emailing me at ladyvonteese@gmail.com and put the email heading "Movie Clips Ireland".

I do have longer appointments and do out calls too (min 2 hours which is 450 -500 euros depending on travel time) but only with my regulars. So if you even like things to be kept even more discreet you could always make arrangements with me for us to share a fun adventure together and pay a deposit, book a hotel for us to have a fun, sensual, erotic secret interludes I together.

And guys who I have met don’t forget to send me a email and put my real name and at least one of the things I shared with you which you haven’t ever tried before and that no other person offers in their services. This way I know it’s you.

Please be sure to read this ….

When emailing me or calling me please be sure you know the time, date, city or town you wish us to meet when I am there. How long you wish your appointment for and the type of secret interlude you’d like to share with me but please keep it discreet. If however you phone me with a with-held number, text me I will not respond.

It is always best to email me to my own personal email address ladyvonteese@gmail.com to keep things discreet as these types of website I use could have access to them PM’s and other messages you send me or anyone on them.

I don’t sex chat or text chat and don’t do free bie however those wishing to take part in my filming make sure you send all relevant information I may require in considering your request

If you wish to chat with me email me and I will let you know when I am and on which site I am chatting on.

I have a booking system to get rid of time wasters for those who are serious about making a booking with me.

If you are looking for a half hour appointment then the worst time in this business for us girls is from 1pm -2pm and 5pm – 6.30pm so either call to book earlier when possible or pre-book via a deposit with me to guarantee these times.

I only see new clients from 11am – 10pm (10pm to 11.30pm with regulars)

I never offer unsafe or unprotected services (so you will not be left kissing someone else spunk with me) or A levels on me.
I have security (not a pimp) just like many girls do but you will never see them or hear them as like I said, my services are very discreet for all parties concerned.

New Tour Dates:

Galway 16th-19th October 2014
Athlone 20th -21st October 2014
Dublin 22nd 24th October 2014
Dundalk 25th -28th October 2014
Limerick 31st -4th November 2014
Kerry Tralee 7th – 10th November 2014
Kerry Killarney 11th -15th November 2014
Cork 18th – 22nd November 2014


Or if you are an EI member then check out my albums here on my EI profile too. https://www.escort-ireland.com/boards...7-

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