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Thread: negative reviews censored?

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    i posted 9 reviews 7positive two negative the positive ones went on line straight away the negative ones were blocked is there a policy of blocking negative reviews positive ones being allowed straight away no explanation was given as to why the negative ones were ablocked has anyone else experienced this to me it destroys the integrity of the review system

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    Maybe it's how you phrased the review guys..
    Did you think of asking the moderator for guidance?

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    negative review wassimilarly phrased to positive reviews the negative one was deleted without explanatin t is pretty clear to me

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    Why don't you guys contact a mod for an explanation? Maybe the girl said the encounter didn't happen, I don't know.

    As for not being the girl in the picture, you can report fake pictures, we have no option to opt out of that.

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    i did with no response. when honest reviews are deletedwith no rexplanation the whole review system becomes a joke

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    Hey guys get smart with what you put up. If your not happy give a very average review. Say something like ok looking but was not a great experience and she most have had problems or whatever. Everybody will read between the lines.

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    One review: not the girl in the photos, you stayed anyway.
    Second review: the escort was apparently flinching and you 'had to finish yourself off'. You will have been sent a link regarding how if you suspect an escort was coerced, you should decline the booking immediately and report your concerns anonymously:

    For other reviews, yes, it does matter how you write the review. You can make your point AND be tactful at the same time. Some of the content is just disgraceful to the point that they shouldn't be allowed in public. I often wonder when I'm reading these reviews what the clients' hygiene and personal appearances are like. Then again, ignorance is bliss.

    If you have had a review deleted, please refer to the Review Rules or PM a moderator.

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