Galway, Athlone, Dublin, Limerick, Tralee, Kilarney, Cork plus photos on the link below or double click the image to enlarge the photos on this page. Please be sure to book in advance so we dont keep missing each other. I'm so looking forward to meeting up with lots of old and new friends again. Please read on if you are looking for discretion, good hygiene with a clean fun-loving bubbly sensual erotic kinky cougar, that just loves to have kinky erotic fun with you guys, so what you waiting for?

New Tour Dates:

Galway 16th-19th October 2014
Athlone 20th -21st October 2014
Dublin 22nd 24th October 2014
Limerick 2nd -4th November 2014
Kerry Tralee 7th 10th November 2014
Kerry Killarney 11th -15th November 2014
Cork 18th 22nd November 2014

Hi guys

Are you tired of going seeing a girl and when you get there its not the girl in the photos or fed up with making a booking but just left outside standing without having the agreed meeting?
Are you also fed up with paying a girl for half an hour or an hour and getting kicked out before you time is up? Or is it also a case that you have gone to see a girl because of what she offers in her favourites but when in the meeting, she has every excuse in the book why she is not going to do them?
And how many girls have you visited but decided to go home because the place the girl is working from is not discreet or maybe even a brothel with many guys coming and going.
Are you worried about personal hygiene but really would like to meet a girl who offers a real GFE but scared about the unprotected services she offers and what you may be actually tasting when kissing her?
Or is it a cause you wish to find a REAL GFE, someone who is understanding, friendly with a bubbly fun personality who does not work 24/7. only does what she enjoys doing with likeminded people like yourself and you wish to find that right person who is also clean, discreet, fun, sexy, sensual and erotic all at the same time who doesnt works in brothels.
I am a stunningly beautiful lady with a great figure who is certainly the lady in my photos as I never ever photo-shop my photos and none of them have been taken by a professional photographer either. And rest assure when the new law comes in Ireland our meeting will still remain discreet and a hell of a lot of fun for us both. But be warned they say its like doing a round with Mike Tyson sharing an hour with me, so the money you would have spent on a gym is going to not only keep you well fit, but its also going to put the biggest smile on your face and many memorable kinky adventures shared will make your life so much more fun. Loll so what you waiting for?
And like you I pay my taxes, so Im also putting money back into Ireland and not taking it out of the country.
I never offer any form of unprotected services (CIM, OWO, A levels, Blood sports or Scat)
I never kick a client out before his time is up
I never offer services/favourites then when you come refuse to share them with you (unless you have bad personal or dental hygiene)
I never double book after someone has agreed to my booking system.
I dont charge extra once you arrive as its my time you are paying for not what I do, but extra time is extra cost.
I never work in brothels or with other girls
I dont work 24 hours a day
I dont do out-call with stranger only to my regular clients.
I dont sex chat or text chat
I never go into detail of what I share in my appointments with a stranger on the phone either, like I said I am always very discreet
I will also never call or text you when I am in town say, hi this is Lady Von Teese I am in town do you fancy meeting up for some fun. Once we meet I will explain another of my discreet system where I could let you know I am about without any friends or family members finding out or causing you any unwanted problems. I have put a line for none EI member and EI members below so you are able to see some of these photos I have mentioned here.
I only work from 11.00am 10.30pm Last appointment is a 9.30/10pm with all newbie clients. Dont forget I never answer the phone when I am in a meeting so leave your number and a convent time for me to text you back so we can have that all important chat and get to know a little about each other. The best times for me to chat is from 10am- 11am or 10.30pm -11.30pm I never answer my phone from midnight to 9.30am
What is my definition of a time waster:
Someone who calls asking for information that is already on my profile and who just assumes any us girls working in this business are just dogs doing tricks for money and we all offer all the services!
Someone who ask to react a porn movie.
A person who calls to make a booking but does not know when or for how long they want the booking for!
Someone who calls asking me stupid question like, what do I get for my 100-200 euros! Or ask questions like: Do you ride, how many times I can come etc.!
Someone who calls when its clear on my profile I dont work those hours. Their numbers are automatically saved as time wasters on my phone so I never pick up if they call again.
What will you do to me in a booking!
If give you extra money with you do bare back, OWO, fuck me in my car, let me fuck you up the ass!
People who try to make a booking via text message
People who with-hold their telephone numbers
Guys who ask me to allow them to take photos of our meetings. I do allow my regulars to take photos with my camera but they do not get to keep any of the images as they are taken for my private website.
Someone who I have never met asking me if I will beat the crap out of them, castrate them or put their eye out with my stiletto heels or ask me to let them fuck my dog or watch them fuck their sister dog!
Guys who after giving them direction and to call me a hotel when in the car park but call me back to tell me they are standing at the reception desk and what room is it! Or guys who phone to tell me they on a one of the floor of the hotel (I stay in hotels and holiday homes only)
Anyone that is abusive, I will not put up with any form of abuse towards me. The Guards will be called and I will without a question of a doubt prosecute them. Dont forget I pay my taxes too, unlike many!

Please note:
I am only into clean safe fun with like-minded people who are up for sharing positive fun memories together and who knows how to treat a lady no matter what line of work she is in. Guys into Femdome or have a fetish or are into Play Role theyd like to share with this kinky Cougar, are most welcome and if you wish to bring another girl to our meeting who does offer the services I dont please get in touch so it can be arranged in advance. But I dont do 3 somes with strangers or other escorts.
I am in no way knocking any others in the same business or how they run their business in what I have written above, I am purely stating how I run my business and which type of people I like to play with, health conscious clean fun discreet and a little kinky like myself and who are into positivity not negativity.

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or if you are an EI member then check out my albums here on my EI profile too.