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Thread: Assault in DUBLINON 27.11.2008

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    Exclamation Assault in DUBLINON 27.11.2008

    Hello to everybody,


    its Cassie. I would like to warn you all as i don't want you to experience the same like me and my friend yesterday. It was really horrible and we are still shocked.
    One client who sounded young ordered him self to visit me for 30 mins yesterday. When he got to the place i told him and all was ok i geve him the directions to my apartment. All was ok, i had his number, he sounded ok but when he came up to the doors i even check him throw eyelet. BUT when i opened the door suddenly another guy showed up and both got in. Firstly i thought the other one is comming to my friend, but i was wrong. They went straight to the lilving room and to both bedrooms. When they checked all rooms (against our banning) then one of them took out gun and pointed it at us asking if we are an agency which we of course aren't. We were both schocked and i started screaming and quickly run out. I didn't stop screaming, they got out after me and run away as i didnt stop screaming. It was so terrible..... We don't know what they wanted. What is it all about. We have never heard this happend before in Dublin. We live near O'Connell street and thought we are save.
    I have no idea what would have happend if i had a diffrent reaction. They were shouting at me to shut up but i wasnt able to notice anything else then the gun. I am sending you a description how they looked like, where it happend, when it happend and their numbers.
    Whats going on here??? We always thought Dublin was save but more and more i hear some bed stories. How we are suppose to protect our selves? How to avoid this? Also we are thinking why it was us? Did this happend before to anybody else? Were they just trying to scare us or did they wanted to rob us or hurt us? I have million thoughts in my head. So please be careful.

    They were 2 very young irish guys. They were wearing grey training suit, one had dark hair and second red. Both were red in their faces and weren't too tall. It happend last night at 10:45pm on Parnell square west. They used this number: 0872412***


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    No full phone numbers here please. If you are an escort advertised here I can give you access to our private escort's section for warnings. Thanks.

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    Hi Cassie!
    So sorry to hear what happened to you!
    I really hope you reported this to the garda because it sounds very serious!!!
    Would you mind posting the full number on the private forum.

    Thanks and take care

    Fiona xxx

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    Cassie is one of the best girls around at the moment but I have warned her about her location. There are too many layabouts and druggies in some of the inner city areas and the girls from abroad are not clued in to where best to locate. Others probably know the best locations better than I but if any escort wants advice, feel free to contact me. It is a scary thought but if this had happened 24hours earlier, I might have been staring at that gun.

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    Really sorry to hear this from you Cassie.
    There's a dangerous area take a good care next time.
    Also can you send the numer to my email please please i would like to keep we never know who's the next yeah
    Kiss dear

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