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    Wink Amsterdam

    Im off to Amsterdam for first time in a couple of days and I have done a bit of research into the ts scene! It seems bloedstraat is the place to go but alot of people on line are saying the ladies in the rld are overly masculine?? Is this true or is it BS does anyone know? Was thinking of getting an escort off the back pages if it is!
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    Yes they are and there is only a few windows

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    Amsterdam isn't what it used to be. It's usually just Friday and Saturday that there are windows occupied. There was an initiative to wind down the RLD a few years ago to lessen the control from the crime world so most of the windows now are used for fashion and art.

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    I was on bloedstraat about 10 years ago and was with an amazing girl. Didn't even know she was a TS till she whipped out her cock half way into the encounter! Have been back a few times, some good girls, but it's completely down to the luck of the draw.

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