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Thread: Whatch Out Freddie ..... Joke :)

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    Talking Whatch Out Freddie ..... Joke :)

    A Parrish Priests nephew was coming to see his Uncle to have dinner at his Parish House (Parochial House) but before leaving the Nephew couldn’t stop himself from having 2 BIG ONION sandwiches that he loved, now when he arrived later for dinner at his Uncle the Priests house he was welcomed & they both sat down shortly after to have dinner, now his Uncle always had his pet sheep dog “Freddie” in the house & he was lying down under the dinner table, but just halfway during dinner the Onions began to take their toll on the poor Nephew who couldn’t hold off from blowing off a loud Fart & he was then so embarrassed, but then his Uncle looked under the table at his pet dog & said .. “Freddie get out to hell will ya” .. the Nephew was delighted & relived that “Freddie” the dog got the blame, so a few more minutes passed & then the Nephew felt another “Whopper” coming & then a loud big fart came forth & again the Nephew was embarrassed but then his Uncle again looked under the table at his pet dog saying ... “Freddie will ya get the hell out for god sake get get out boy” ... the Nephew was delighted as he escaped blame for the 2nd time, but then the “Mother of all Farts” was brewing up again in the Nephews tummy & then it blew off like the “Wind from Satin’s Bottom” & this time his Uncle the Priest put his knife & fork down pulled the chair back looking under the table & shouted at poor “Freddie” the sheep dog saying .... “Freddie, Freddie will-ya get out to hell quick, quick boy before this idiot Nephew of mine finally SHIT’S ON US BOTH” ...

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