A Big Funeral was taking place in a village where this TD was passing through on his way to see some relatives & on seeing the huge crowd the biggest he ever saw there was a long line of MEN ONLY following the Hearse which must have been over 2-3 hundred, he seizes the opportunity to get a few “Brownie Points” by mingling with the crowd, so he eventually makes his way to the “Chief Mourners” but he notices at the top there is only one man the deceased’s husband with a wicked Irish Wolf Hound with him & every few minutes the Hound makes a lunge at the Hearse growling/snapping where the man has to pull him back saying “Down Cullen Down Boy” ??? as this TD got up next to Ur man he shakes his hand offering his sympathy & apologies for been late to arrive (Yea Wright) & then the Hound makes another lung at the Hearse snapping/growling & frothing at the mouth, & is pulled back yet again by the Man saying “Cullen back down boy down down” the TD says to the man “what’s the story with this dog & why is he so angry at Ur poor wife ... God Rest Her” the man said well U see our Dog/Hound Cullen hated my wife & Women in General & this day bit her & then she later died as a result” the TD said “OMG how awful” but then thought how handy this Dog would be to “Bump Off” his nagging, bickering Wife if he could only borrow him for a few days & he said to the Man “Errrr sorry about this but if I slipped U a few quid is there any chance I could borrow Cullen Ur Hound for a few days” the Man say “Absolutely no problem, BUT I’m afraid Ur going to have to get back to the end & join the Queue” ...... 