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Thread: Yyyaaarr Yyaarr Lad ... Joke :)

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    Talking Yyyaaarr Yyaarr Lad ... Joke :)

    Jim Llaadd was sitting on the harbour wall talking to his old friend & Ship-Mate “Captin Hook” & he was curious about 2 questions the first one he said “Captin Hook why are Pirates called Pirates” Captin Hook said “Isssss don’t know feeerr shure Laaddd alsss I can saayyy is they just Yyyaarrrr .... the Jim said to him “Captin Hook tell me how did U loose Ur eye” ? & Captin Hook said .. “Well Laaddd tiiss lke this I was sailing the 7 seeeaasss I wassss yaarrr when then wessss got a still wind weeesss ddiddd for 3 days Issss teeell ya yaarrr when suddenly this flock of sea gull flew over & one of them winged devils let a big sh.t out himmm heeee diiddss yaaarrr & the sh.t hit me straight in the eye ittt ddiiddsss yaaarrr & of course with thinking I wiiipppeess mmeee eeyyee Iiii diiddd but only problem was I useddd mmeee Hook Hand Iiiiisss ddiiddd yyaarrr” ...

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