A Bloke walks into the “Gents” in a Hotel & whilst taking a P..s this Jamaican Dude walks in stands at the cubicle next to Ur Man, the Bloke Jaw drops when he saw Ur takes out his huge “Langer” for a P..s which was extremely large, & he says to the Jamaican “I’m sorry friend but I’m not Gay or some kind of “Perv” but I can’t help saying to U that that is one “Big Mamma” of a Dick, is that hereditary or are U doing something to get it so big” ??? the Jamaican said “Mmmaannn it’s a simple technique I use regularly, every day I “Stick it In” Beans, Maaannn, Beeaaannss that the secret” the Bloke thanks the Jamaican & for the next 3 weeks every day he puts his Dick in Beans, but it had no effect he tried Bachelor’s, Hines, Tesco, Dunns, Aldi & Lidl etc etc but it was still no use, he now began to think the Jamaican was making a fool of him, until one day while in the same Hotel the Bloke goes into the “Gents” & the Jamaican Man walks in & stands beside the bloke again, the Bloke said “U, U its U do U remember me a few weeks back U told me Ur secret to growing a Large Dick was to put my Dick in beans every day well all I ended up with was a Frigging orangey smelly Dick, was this Ur idea of a joke on me wright” ? .. the Jamaican was astounded at the fact it hadn’t worked as he was not fooling the bloke & it was a “sure thing” to work so he said to the Bloke “ Noo Mmmaann tell me what kind of beans were U usinnn Mmmaann” ? the Bloke said “I tried them all, Bachelors, Hines etc etc U name them” the Jamaican said “Aaaa Noooo Nooooo Nooo Maaannn not tin beans ... HumanBEANS Maaaannn, HumanBEANS Mmmaaann” ..