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Thread: Luftwaffe gets a break .... Joke :)

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    Talking Luftwaffe gets a break .... Joke :)

    WW2 on the Battle fields of France an British Antiaircraft artillery unit was firing at the heavy Bombers flying over on its bombing raids to London, & the Anti aircraft gun’s were poised as on this day flights were relatively quiet, but the Aircraft Gunnery Sergeant had a very bad Stammer, & suddenly they heard the droning sound of heavy Bombers approaching & heading towards the South of England bound for a London Blitz, so the Sergeant with this bad Stutter/Stammer said ... “Wwwrrriiiggghhhttt Lllaadddsss Gggeett Rreeaadddyy” the first Wave of heave German “Messerschmitt Bf 110” bombers were now in range, & the Sergeant shouted “Ooookkkk Llllaaddss Nnnnoowww Firrrrrrr, Ffffffffff, Ffffffffff, Fffffffffff, Fffffffff, Fffffff, Fffffff ... F..k’em we will get,em tomorrow” ....

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