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    Question Comparative reviews

    What do ladies think when they read a review like this one which claims that the reviewee is "by far the best escort on this site".

    Of course I went to see who the other reviews this reviewer has written for, some names I recognised, others I didn't.

    My point is, does the lady feel pride in being praised above others, or squeamish? Clearly sounds like a slap in the face to all the others? And doesn't it just cheapen escorts to be a "piece of meat" to be compared an described in this way? Every person is unique, with their own plus and minus points.

    Finally, can such a review be in any way helpful to other punters deciding who to call?

    To me this is in bad taste, is unnecessarily degrading, and probably is only true for as long as it is before this reviewer writes his next review
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    What has your gander up bro .: doc
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    In fairness, I'm sure no one needs to be told that reviews are 100% subjective and based entirely on individual opinion. Unless a girl has serious issues I doubt she will be annoyed at another girl being singled out by a particular punter. Over time I'm sure every girl with a decent amount of reviews gets described as 'The Best'.

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