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Thread: Please Sign Petition and Stop Norway's Establishment Breeding Ignorance

  1. Default Please Sign Petition and Stop Norway's Establishment Breeding Ignorance

    In August the government in Norway issued their review of the law which criminalises clients of sex workers.

    The review tries to make out that this legislation has been a success and has not been harmful to anyone which anybody sane knows is complete nonsense.

    Please sign the below petition to state that you reject the finding of their review.

    The more that sign it the better.

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    Signed & comment submitted. The more we do to oppose the 'Swedish Model' in any country, is a proactive measure, hopefully the politicians somewhere will start to listen to the sane side of this so called 'debate'.

    Sandy x
    In memory of an awesome woman Laura Lee RIP
    It's so difficult to articulate just how much she meant. Inspirational, brave and irreplaceable - our hero.
    Please do what you can for her daughter. Deeply appreciated.

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    cool , i will make it

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    Keep signing the petition everybody. Don't let the pro-criminalisation people away with anything.

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