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Thread: Oooo WTF has he done ... Joke :)

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    Default Oooo WTF has he done ... Joke :)

    An Irish explorer in the Darkest African Jungle was caught by Savages & brought back to their camp to answer to their Chief, after the Savages basically Beat the Shit outa him he was delirious for a bit but the Chief took pity on the Irish Chap & said (the explorer was fluent in Native African) I will give U 2 tasks to complete & if U succeed I will release U unharmed.... “Ok” the Irish Chap spluttered what are they? the Chief said “1) Go into that cave over there where there is a fierce lion with a tooth ache & extract it & 2) Then go into that hut & make Mad Passionate Love to the 70 year old Village Hag if U do all 2 U are free to go” ... “Ok Ok Ok said the Irish Chap let me at it, let me at itttt Aaaggghhh” & ran into the lions cave like a lunatic, the Savages were amazed at his bravery or just stupidity ... once inside the Lions Cave they could hear terrible screams from the Irish Chap & terrible & unbearable horrible roars from the Lion so much so they almost felt sorry for him, then all went quiet & believing he had been killed & eaten by the Lion to their absolute amazement they saw this Man staggering out of the cave, shirt, trousers ripped & blood/scratches everywhere & also the Lion walking along side him Purring "Pppuurrrr"... their Jaws hit the ground & the Bravest warriors melted with admiration; the Irish Chap staggered up to the chief & said “ Ok OoooKkkkk thanks be-to-Jjaayysssuuss that over now where that oul one with the Tooth Ache” ??? ...

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