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Thread: Think twice ... Joke :)

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    Man dies & goes to heaven but just at the “Pearly Gates” he meets a Rep. From Hell who says “Look here my good man before you walk through those gates at the very least come with me & see Hell for yourself now it’s only a tour U can came back here at any point but just so as to see for Ur self FIRST as we Hell boys get undue bad press the whole time”, St. Peter acknowledged to him that he had this once off liberties; so off the man goes with the Hell Rep. To see Hell & when he got there he saw Drink, Smokes, Girls that would make a Super Model look “Pig Ugly” & all there to please his every desire, everything he wanted was on “Tap” & everyone was happy & laughing & so pleased for him to join this never ending bliss; Bought-Over the Man arrived back to the “Pearly Gates” as promised where he confessed to St. Peter that Hell looks a more pleasant, fun filled & lust quenching place to be & opted to go to Hell, So St. Peter had to release him to the Hell Rep. & he was marked off the Heaven List; so the Man went with Hell Rep. Back Down but once he arrived to his horror he saw Fire, Brimstone, people been tortured, branded until they bled & the screams of pain was terrible, so he turned to the Hell Rep. & said “But But But I don’t understand just awhile ago it was so so different with every desire was on “Tap” that one could ask for” ... the Hell Rep. Replied smiling “Aaaaa yes my friend but then we were RECRUTING but NOW Ur an actual MEMBER OF STAFF”

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