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Thread: Bygone days :D

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    Red face Bygone days :D

    Ever have days where the thoughts of bygone days bring a smile to your face?
    ....thoughts of those special people in your life who aren't around anymore?

    Then you think....where are they? will they come back? Why the hell am i still thinking about them?

    Do i delete their link from My Favourites page or leave it there and suffer a lingering doubt of the What ifs??

    So many lovely ladies but feck..E-I put a limit on the Favourites page dammit.......and with all the lovely new ladies arriving!

    Oh the Dilemma!
    The Haves or the Have-not-to-haves

    Ah sure its friday!.......sure i'll find something to occupy the mind
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    Yes i often think of amelia babe and it certainly brings a smile to my face. She was around a few years ago. I wonder where she is now or if she wil ever return.

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