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Thread: Womens groups want 'sexist' pop videos age restricted

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    Default Womens groups want 'sexist' pop videos age restricted

    There's a proud tradition in the UK of people wanting to have things banned or restricted. Some of us can remember the 1980s hysteria over 'video nastys' and the hilarious Mary Whitehouse trying to ban anything remotely rude. Now some concerned womens groups are calling for 'sexist' pop videos to be age restricted.

    But do they have a point? Are some of these videos going too far, particularly given their target audience of pre-teens?

    This from today's Telegraph:

    ''Music videos should be age rated in the same way as feature films and video games because of endemic sexism and racism, according to a new report by women’s groups.

    The study criticised videos by Calvin Harris, Basement Jaxx, Robin Thicke and Miley Cyrus for misogynistic depictions of women.

    It also said rap videos, in particular, were guilty of presenting women in a sexist way, often as "commodities" and sex objects.

    Black women were subjected to racist treatment by being "commonly portrayed as hypersexual", it said, "invoking ideas of black women as wild and animalistic".

    Sarah Green, of the End Violence Against Women Coalition which backed the report, called on the Government to introduce age ratings.''

    Full article here:
    2014 in Northern Ireland:

    Number of reported attacks on sex workers 70

    Number of sex trafficking cases ZERO

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    Oh dear - radical feminists banning pornography in the 80s didn't do them any favours. If they want to deal with sexism, racism etc they would be better off educating people.
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