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    Hello all,

    Just wondering if any of the members here can recommend a good professional photographer? I'm looking for a couple of head shots which can be used in presentations. It's not for modelling or acting but it's just standard practice in my organisation to include an introductory head shot at the beginning of a presentation but the problem is that once a camera focuses on my face some very bizarre expressions tend to appear! (or else I just look bizarre in reality but that's a whole other post!) I'm really uncomfortable in front of a lens so I'm hoping that with a bit of creative lighting, background etc. I can look somewhat professional and not frighten the audience.

    I know that some glamour photographers advertise here so I'm just wondering if they do regular head shots as well or if anyone has had to get similar pictures then could they recommend a good photographer for this?


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    Depends where you are located.
    I know a very good one in Galway with very good prices.
    The fact that he is a really nice guy is also a plus !!

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