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Thread: Threats in Athlone

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    Angry Threats in Athlone

    Hi Guys,

    Im still fairly new at all this but after reading the comments on Robbery in Longford I decided it is best to advise that I, an Independant Escort, based between longford and athlone, have also had threats.

    This agency knows I do not work in either county. I only do this to help pay for the care of my father who is gravely ill and I have had nightmarish weekends from this crowd, but one thing they never do is answer the mobile when I call them back to sort it out. Yet they have replied " Will f**king kill you" "We know where you live" "We know who you are" before the window of my car smashed up. The last thing I want ever is for them to appear on my doorstep by following me home or anything. I have care staff at home that I am worried that they will be attacked and also my father. This isnt fair for any girl to be put through.

    I have gotten nothing but threats and warnings for working in their towns and on each text I have advised that I do not work near them. In fairness, I dont. I havent advertised in quite some time due to all of this. But the number I have is not any of the numbers given out on the other comments. I provide a good service to all who have come to me so far and I have had no other complaints only from that number.

    The number that has been threatening me is an 085 and ends in 1155.

    Does anyone know why there is such vicious goings on for girls simply providing a service?


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    You are simply a 'biatch' that s why they do it to you.

    I should not say that u deserve it,but you do as for sending me bitchy pm's after i posted one post.

    Now,Take it!!!!!!!!
    I m still lurking sometimes ;-)

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    Default Not getting involved in your squabble but....

    Im not in anyway getting involved with whats going on with the two of you. But I want to add that this particular number threatens ladies in many towns, I myself have been victim to their threats as have many ladies who I know of in a variety of towns. Thus the reason for stricter security proceedures in order to make an appointment with me in some cities. Thanks to all the gents that have been understanding and complied with my safety proceedures. I can assure you it is not fun having messages sent that your throat will be slit or they will shoot you or much worse. I dont know why they must do this because in the cities which they say are theirs it wouldnt make a difference if an independent lady toured there once in awhile I mean in all sincerity how many clients could one person really see in a day???? The latest threat is to take your pictures out of their town for advertising or they will....I am quite glad this topic has been brought up as now perhaps clients and potential clients will understand the safty proceedures in place xxxxx
    Will MISS you all... For those of you that will keep in touch you know how to do this.... Take Care Kisses Alyssa Jenkins xxxx

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    Quote Originally Posted by annasavicha View Post
    You are simply a 'biatch' that s why they do it to you.

    I should not say that u deserve it,but you do as for sending me bitchy pm's after i posted one post.

    Now,Take it!!!!!!!!

    if this girl is genuine anna, u just proved yourself the prick ,i always knew u were


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    Hi Maria,
    I totally feel for you. I have had first hand experience from the same people. I had this at the same time last year, I work in Mullingar. The papers picked up on my story through my website last year where I was able to trace them through an email they sent and the help of a friend who happened to work for the internet provider!

    Anyway the papers featured my story (not that I sold it -they stole it and my photo from my site) and then the threats stopped. I think they know that I wont be bullied and I will expose them for the scum they are.

    They have threatened some longford escorts I know, and also another touring lady in Athlone, Have a look at the Escort Watch site !!! But hun ....... you will always get people on here that think your lying, or that your making it up and that this stuff doesnt go on. Just ignore that because I know exactly what goes on from first hand experience. If you read my other posts. I had people last year saying I was making i up. You come here to warn others and you get accused of lying, Like someone would be so sad! Maybe the people saying I was lying were the people making the threats, I know they are users on this site and watch out for new girls in there area.

    These people are just bullies hun, I understand how you feel and your need to proect your father but you must not give into these bullies, if you do they will follow you and threaten you whereever you go and you will just be another victim.

    The way I now ensure that I dont get hassle is I had a camera installed outside my house last year, (not just because of clients but because I live in the country and could be burgaled) I never work alone and am always cautious wih new clients. I make sure I tell new clients this when they make an appointment and 90% of the time my clients are fine with this. They know when they meet me I am genuine and a true independent and when I explain about the threats they totally understand my need for security.

    I also communicate by text only, I know most escorts dont do this but I have found it very affective, People wont threat by text as you have a copy for proof, whereas unless you have a voice recorder you have no proof of a threatening phone call.

    If you feel you need to work away from the area then I understand but these bullies are after trying to get true independents out. I know who they are (well I was given information by another agency they had bullied).

    Cant you go to the police hun???

    Take care

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    Quote Originally Posted by annasavicha View Post
    You are simply a 'biatch' that s why they do it to you.

    I should not say that u deserve it,but you do as for sending me bitchy pm's after i posted one post.

    Now,Take it!!!!!!!!
    what a very nasty reply you have painted yourself in a very poor light..not an escort I'd like to spend my euros on.

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    Default thank you

    Thank you all for your replies and pms with advice and support. I do appreciate all of it apart from one reply. I would like to make this clear to AnnaSavicha:

    You had a reply that you took up as bitchy. But it wasnt. I have yet to get a bad name. I really find your reply lousy and extremely low. But you keep that up and you will lose respect from others. What you dont realise is that if you show what kind of a person you really are then why the hell would they want to spend money with you? My advice to you is to seriously grow up. Us girls here should stick together not be a bitch to each other. We all experience the same thing at some part of our working time.

    I have spent the last 2 years fulltime job, juggling college and juggling nasty care staff for my dad, who dont like to answer to a 25 year old and work escort part time and I think that so far even though it is so god damn hard I have proved that I am better and I can still work despite what those thugs think they can do to me.

    I put that comment up, not for bitchy comments from likes of you, but to warn those out there. I now know that I am not the only one and I'm not as petrified now thinking they are singling me out. I have explained my situation by text to each caller and I have had more respect, and no hassle from those callers. I do ensure in return that when they visit me there is nothing but the best time ever. I enjoy my escorting and it makes the experiences far better for all. I have safety in place, with new guard dogs, one will always be in doors, looks like a softy but he is a piece of work if trouble arises. I have a camera outside, I have it on, I also have someone nearby the house I work in at all times. I communicate a lot by text for some security.

    I do not want any bad comments or arguements arising from my post. I dont like that as it doesnt get you anywhere only a bad name.

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    Dear Maria,
    It's great to see that you seem to have "come back" bigger and bouncier than before and fair play to you. This crowd have been threatening an escort I know in Longford for over 12 months, yet she is still working, Thats all they do, threaten, they very rarely carry through threats. Great for you to continue regardless and make sure that you take extra caution with new clients. thats what I do and I find they are usually quite sympathetic and will do anything they can to asure you they are genuine. Or maybe do what Alysa does and get references, I know tha Alysa has texted me a few times before for a reference.

    You need this job for your fathers sake and you sound like a great person for doing that. Please like you say, us ladies stick together and show these scumbags that this is free country and us independents will work where we like and when we like.

    Take care hun
    Gina x

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    Oh I forgot, Finally I wanted to confirm the number that Maria gave in her first post.

    Now the rules of this message board is to post a "partial number"

    Maria has posted the first 3 digits and the last 4 digits.

    So in keeping with the rules I too am going to post a "partial" number ........ that being the MIDDLE 3 digits of this assholes number, ...... as follows:


    So........... all people need do is read Maria's first post and now mine and piece together the number. This number was passed to me by a few Longford Independents who had the same problem.


    Treats - Athlone

    A touring escort has been threatened while at a hotel in Athlone, she was told that she was working someone elses patch and that if she did not leave, he would come and cut her up. He was not impressed with her laughing at him and proceeded to shout threats at her.

    She ahs reported it to the guards and made a statement. The number he rang her on was 085 158 1***

    The link to the above message can be found here:

    Escort Watch Ireland

    That warning was posted on Escort Watch in June so that means that yur mans number is still in use for all this time, In my experience you get a threat and then they change their number. Does this man seriously think he can get away with this, I have had many people offer to find out exactly who this guy is, Its not hard to get a girl to arrange a metting with your man saying she is looking to work for his agency, once you have him identified its all on !!!!!!!! But I personally choose not to work this way. This man is a KNOB, and I hope hes reading this. We all know people that would "have our back" if it came to that, There are many genuine guys out there with connections that will not and can not sit back and let people like this bully girls. Trust me, this man will get what is coming sooner or later. NO ONE IS INVISIBLE.

    So if anyone thinks that we are all lying then you are wrong, thats a few ladies now that have had problems from this same person and same phone number. WE CANT ALL BE WRONG.

    Thanks for all those who support us genuine independents

    Gina xx
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    Quote Originally Posted by annasavicha View Post
    It was bitchy.
    You posted u need apartment,i posted on same thread...

    You sent me PM saying that you did not posted that for me or for my friend and made clear i am not welcome on your post.


    Because i wanted to help my friend or because you tought i might take apartment off you or why else?

    I did nothing to you,but you sent me PM not wanting others to see your nasty side.

    Now everything coming back to you.

    Well i am better by not picking up people simpaty here moaning how bad is my ms and how does it affect me,do i?
    All you can do is repeat somebody

    Do i want to know this?
    You just blasting around with your security as you are scared,girl.....
    Why don't i?
    Because i call up some police and they sort out for me.
    Why dont u call police?
    Oh dig deeper girl, if you think thats justification for your earlier vile post you are seriously mistaken!

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