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Thread: Where to Work?

  1. Default Where to Work?

    I am new to escorting.
    I am situated in Laois and I am looking for some advice on what location to work from?
    As you can see from my picture I am curvy, I have a great full sense of humour to match.

    All advice would be appreciated


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    Hi Ruby i just saw your topic and i wanted to leave a reply here so i actually
    registered here just so i could leave ya a msg

    Im not sure the best way for you to start working in escorting but im sure
    some of the more experienced girls that are registered here will help you out

    i just wanted to say that i am 22 and live in clare and am very shy around girls
    so would love to see you if you ever came to clare i like my women abit curvier

    not that im big myself anyway take care and good luck

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