Hello Everyone,

I am visiting Dublin on the nights of 18th & 19th November, staying in a nice hotel in the centre and looking forward to it.

It is a couple of years since I last visited Dublin and I met a nice lady then with a healthy sexual appetite through this forum, so I am hoping to get lucky again.

It is a little more dificult this time though as I have a business colleague with me and I won't be able to get away until around 11.00 pm or later.

It would like to make arrangements for a lady to visit me in the hotel after this time for an hour each night. She should preferably be Irish, pretty, not too tall with an enthusiastic appetite for her work.

If anyone can give me some advice how to best go about this I would be thankful. After all, there is no substitute for local knowledge and judging from the information on this forum you know the Dublin sex scene inside out!

Thanks to you all. Good hunting!

Irish Wild Rover