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Thread: Best Massage.....and satisfaction

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    Hi Guys & Ladies,

    I dont have many punts but have decided to treat myself this Friday evening, in Dublin, as I have the opportunity to do so for a change.

    I am looking for advice as to who provides the best massage with some well thought out satisfaction afterwards.

    As most of you will know from reading this board, nearly every punter is looking for a different thing and some of the ladies excel in different areas. Please note that I am not looking for a rub and tug as per the special offers or the In Dublin ads.

    This might sound contradictory but...........I am looking for a high quality, sensual, relaxing massage that is finished off by some old fashioned dirty........(it ryhmes with ducking).

    Ladies, please pm if you would prefer.

    Appreciate your help and advice.


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    raschal Guest

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    If i were you i would give monica_3891 in ballsbridge a call 0876620137
    great service

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