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    Talking Location Location Location!!!

    Hi all!!
    I've just started looking for a new apartment in Dublin city centre and was hoping i could get your very valued opinion on some of the area's i will be looking! At the end of the day i think the most important thing is how discreet the property is, so having its own enterence etc is a key selling point. Any help or opinions would be very appreciated!!

    Dublin 4- Ringsend, Ballsbridge, Donybrook

    Dublin 6- Ranelagh, rathmines, Rathgar

    I'm also looking at SCR, Island bridge and Kilmainham.

    Thanks for any help i get!! XXXXXX

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    west dublin

    Cool location

    i think the bridgewater quay in islandbridge is very discreet with its own entrance. plus its handy 4me.

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    Dublin 4 -- but Ballsbridge rather then Ringsend.

    You are very close to the city, but usually more private than Dublin 6 (and less congestion).

    For some reason a lot of girls seem to use Ringsend - terrible bloody place, and full of dodgy people (no offence to anybody from there!).

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    Ballsbridge, Donnybrook or Ranelagh please!

    (also please reply to my question on your other thread)

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