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Thread: A laneway off Mount Street

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    Default A laneway off Mount Street

    Last Friday morning, in around half 11, I was on my way to a job in Mount street, just off the canal, it was a chilly enough morning, and as I walked along one of the many lanes in the area I noticed a girl, aged about mid to late 20s, trying to open a door along a laneway. Her mode of dress was the first thing which caught my eye- a tight denim mini skirt, which wrapped itself tightly around her curvy arse, and she had smooth clean legs which lead down to a pair of black high heel shoes. This manner of dress- short skirts and high heels is not too uncommon in the Mount Street area, due I think to the large number of female executive types in the office blocks along there.
    She was attractive to the male wandering eye, about 5 foot 8 in height, with long dark brown hair and wearing a short jacket.
    The door in which she was trying to open with a key would not bulge and she looked frustrated and uncomfortable there in the chilly laneway- the picture below almost captures the scene before my eyes, so been the gentelman I am (and wanting to get in closer to look at those curvy legs) I went over to her and offer ed my manly assistance, which she gladly accepted, She spoke in a refined Dublin accent, thanking me.
    I took the keys and worked the doorlock which was very stiff indeed, something else was getting a little stiff- the penis in my pants- she looked gorgeous close up, a cloud of feminine perfume surrounded her, her smooth legs just begged out to be stroked, and that skirt barely managed to cover up her arse, was she a escort I wondered to myself? Prehaps opening up her little knocking shop? For a day of meeting horny male callers?
    Anyway I got the lock open and handed back the keys to her, she was thankful and patted me on the shoulder, making some comment about my big muscles (if only she knew about the big muscle between my legs).
    Anyway I moved on, but found myself thinking about her all day, she looked so prickteasy I imagined her to be a escort, wanking guys off in all manner of ways, as she pranced around them in her mini skirt and heels, I just could not get her out of my mind, and had several erections in my trousers just thinking about her, and what I could have said to her in the lane- or even did with her in bed, or on the floor or over the table . . . .
    By the time I got home to Clondalkin that evening I was aroused up for a session of hard sex, my Girlfriend did not know what hit her in our Bed that night, as I banged and banged my cock into her, and we had the best sex we have had this year so far I think.
    But as I pounded her in bed, as she squeeled and scratched my back, she did not know it was her that was in my mind, it was the girl in the lane, with her denim skirt and those smooth legs . . . . . . .
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    A man s mission in life is to spread his seed with as many women as possible, for as long as possible, in any position possible . . . .

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    Default The prodigal son returns

    Dick's back boys and girls!

    I think the literary standards of this site are on the up again.

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    Welcome back , after reading one of your old posts and breaking my shite laughing , i'm delighted to see you posting again and long may it continue !
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