I had wished to do this by PM to you but your inbox is perpetually full and this cannot wait any longer and is deeply personally distressing for me to have to do and no one should have to do so…

Given your recent commitment to deeply offensive comments meriting banning, I ask that you do just that for a period of time for bigpaws’s comment in which he alludes clearly and unmistakably to incest in relation to myself and one of my long deceased Parents.

[Quote from bipaws yesterday AFTER your new policy of comments on any of our Parents]

“I think your biggest problem/obsession with women stems from the fact that you were very very close to your mother .............. maybe a little too close legally speaking as far as I could gather reading between the lines of some of the old PM's you sent me”

[End Quote]


That comment alludes to both to a deeply disturbing act that is the ultimate taboo as either I as an adult or as the sexual abuse of a child by it’s Parent and he clearly alludes to me in that comment.

My issues with him aside, and that he knows nothing about me. I am deeply offended by such an insinuation, I have never contacted you to request anything like this but how would you feel if that was said about you and your Mother, I have and never will stoop to such levels.

It is obvious Patricia that that is his opening salvo in which much worse will follow if I respond, just like he did with Liz, which started you having to start banning in the first place. I will not respond as it is both beneath me to insult his Mother and I agree with you that all this is bullshit and detracts from this sites purpose. I want no part in it or get enjoyment from it. I only do so for the betterment of things here which in turn is good for Women in this realm. I will not submit to his tactics.

He is going to get worse and worse by the minute, it is clear for all to see that nothing is sacred.
He has given you a valid reason to ban him, you can end this by doing so for a period and then all will see that he to has to remain within acceptable behavior as laid down by you.

He said that for two reasons, to get me to react and start another verbal tennis match like him and Liz, I am not Liz and am not that stupid and am not doing all this for aggro, I am doing this because I have long since seen the value to Women and Men of this place as somewhere to do things and make contact far more safely then on a street corner but you do nothing to help even when I supplied proof of what he will do to control these boards to you.

The second reason he said it is simply that he knows he can, please do yourself a favor and show him he cannot and at least ban him for a period for insulting my Mother as you banned flypan for insulting his and Gemma’s Mother.

Please do the best thing for your site and make an example of him, do so to me also if you wish.

He has gifted you an opportunity in that comment to prove to all that you will demand we ALL are treated the same by you.

Please prove that you are indeed even handed and do to him what you did to flypan.

They both did the EXACT same thing AFTER your warning