It would be funny if it was't tragic!!!

The review that I just got is unbelievable, I first had a laugh but then the person who wrote it succeeded because I got annoyed.

It is so easy to anyone writting whatever they want. For those that think that escorting is not a serious thing for me it is. It is the business that I am in and I do care about genuine clients and their opinion. I completely understand that not everybody likes me, that would be impossible. Comments that can make me improve are welcome but I just can't accept lies.

Maybe because I have had some really good reviews someone might have been upset. There is no reason for that because there is space for everybody who is serious in what he/she does.

The review is so fake that the person only said that we met in mid September, I just see a few clients a day and would be easy for me to remember who the person is, why did he/she write that? BECAUSE THE DATE NEVER HAPPENED.

I am not going to speculate about who wrote that astonishing review I just couldn't be silent this time. I already sent an e-mail to the website administration and ask them to put my comment in the review, it is my right. Isn't it?