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Thread: Patricia's Mailbag

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    Default Patricia's Mailbag

    I got the funniest mail this morning and I just had to share!

    Amongst my many mesages, requesting new features, reporting technical problems and asking dodgy reviews be looked at etc, a gentleman wrote to me to say he had made a typo when writing a recent review and could I correct it.

    Bless him, he wrote that the lady wore SHITE panties instead of WHITE panties... Naturally he was worried the lovely lady might be offended!

    I nearly broke my shite

    Pat x

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    That would explain why she is getting all the calls looking for Hardsports LOL

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    Default Time for me to own up

    Twas me who made the typo. Hands were still shaking after the seeing to that I got from Beth and Brooke. The sight of Beth topless in WHITE riding jodpurs and brandishing a crop was something else complemented by her buddy Brooke in a black PVC cat suit will stay long in the memory.

    Glad I gave Patricia and anyone else who read the original review a laugh, we could all do with one in the present climate (financial and meterological).

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    Default and what..

    an appropriate name Bogman... you couldnt make it up!

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    Default My typo error

    Your thread had me in stitches Patricia.It also reminded me of my typo error whilst being a office temp many years ago.
    Unbeknown to me at the time,I typed out an order for 20 venetian blonds to be delivered to the factor floor.What I thought I'd types out was an order for 20 Venetian blinds.

    When the buyer came to sign the order at the end of the day he picked up my mistake.
    The guys all agreed they would prefer the blonds instead of the blinds. But sadly the company wouldn't allow it,lol.

    At least it beat my previous typo error that I had addressed to the British Swines corporation,haha.

    Thank god my copy typing days are over,lol.

    Samantha x

    ps To all my past clients,I am trying to sort out a short trip to Dublin in Dec.Will let you all know when I have sorted dates.

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