hi everybody, i have seen few escort by now, but do not always write a review because i think some of them are completly untrue anyway and i think other lads will think the same abot mine. Anyway 2 weeks ago asked few escort in limerick if doing outcall, got 2-3 with the right answer and picked one, Antonella, looks good on paper and on review, make all arrangment with her, time direction taxi fares, I need to tell you before i price the taxi privately ( was told 40 euro). She was supposed to left limerick at 8.45, was late left at 9.10 pm, , asked to ring me when reach a certain point in the journey, never did, rang and was to far in direction as to u turn, talked to taxi then, arrived at last was told 70 euro ??/ where did he go,in to the house, done a wiwi, wouldn't take shower use a wipe on pussy, i asked her before on the phone uniform and sex toys, forget all, told me do rimming on phone but when i wanted it told me only on her, say doing facial, but when i came she was upset that didn't tell her i was coming and spit at the first taste of cum.
the only good thing was a sweet pussy taste and she let me kissed her long enough. after all that i was so piss off that i told her that i wanted her to go now and not wait until the end of the 2 hours booked, told her that i ring taxi, she said no she has her taxi gpoing around my area and will be 5 minutes, he was at least 20 and the fact she was speaking italian and the phone all the time to him to see were it was scam.
anyway stay away from her she doesn't do everything she say she do and not very nice at all.