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Thread: ~*~ The Plot Thickens ..... Another Eventful 24hours ~*~

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    Default ~*~ The Plot Thickens ..... Another Eventful 24hours ~*~

    Well what can I say, if I wasn't so thick skinned I may start to think I am 'doomed'

    On our travels to Kilkenny, I get a phone call from a guy telling me not to come to Kilkenny, it's his town & he will 'slit my throat!'

    Alison gets a phone call from a guy who wants to romp around with wild abandoment in a nappy & for her to subsequently 'clean him after the event' so to speak.

    Then the icing on the cake, was this glorious, respectful, alluring email that I found in my 'junk mail' this morning, 'junk' being the operative word .....

    Arent you a bit old to have lads shooting spunk into your mouth and you swallowing it at 35 years old, you must have some spunk drank by now

    We haven't stopped laughing yet,

    Sandy x

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    Default The plot thickens !

    Yes, I took the throat slitting call but did point out to Sandy that it was her phone and her throat that were at risk and not mine !!

    I've since pointed out that I ll look after Sandys lovely car when I get back to England if she bites the dust in Kilkenny and I cant wait to rifle through her wardrobe too !!

    Sandy did reply that she d probably rather have her throat slit than the call I took on my phone requesting an adult baby esperience complete with dirty nappy as throat slitting was at least quick and clean...

    Over and out Ali ....
    ps - Mr Reilly - thanks for the email (similar to the one sent to Sandy) . I may be old for escorting as you point out but I ve only recently started so no, not had a lot of spunk... yet!! Try not to make assumptions, stick to the facts xx

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