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Thread: ~*~ Avalanche in Jacuzzi Bath ~*~

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    Default ~*~ Avalanche in Jacuzzi Bath ~*~

    Sandy's lesson of the day is sometimes 'less is more' but this advice can so easily be forgotton. This afternoon I thought, ooh I'll have a jacuzzi bath, ran the bath, poured in the bath foam, started the jets & then that's when the avalanche started, rumour has it mountain rescue were on stand-by! It appears I may have been a bit too liberal with the bath foam, after scooping out the excess bubbles into the bathroom sink, they continued to spread over the side of the bath & bathroom floor! I had to shout for Alison's help, she was shouting "don't you know moderation girl", we have never laughed so much. We do have photos which will be downloaded when we get back to UK including one of the scene of the crime after the event ...................

    Sandy x

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    Default Rescuing Sandy from the Avalanche

    Sandy does'nt do moderation - it does'nt suit her lifestyle. The bathroom had to be seen to be believed and despite her screams - it took me ten minutes to locate her in the foam !

    Ali x

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