I am sorry for bothering you all but Barbara was upset about her RW by kingcobra and wished to tell her site of the story.
We have already asked the ladys on this page to ad her answer to the RW, but as we know ther are bussy and tomoro is Barbara´s last day, she wanted to put it up to the message boards as well.
Here is her message:

I would like to clear up some things writen in this RW by
This gentleman has arrived at 3pm, that's when the meeting
At 15.50 my alarm on phone went on so I was just switching
it off and apologise to him for it. That was the only time I
had phone in my hand. After that I asked the gentleman if he
would like to take a shower as the time will soon be
finished. In dat moment he become angry and shouted at me
that he is there only for 35 minutes as the time started for
him in the moment that we started to have s.x. He toked his
stuff and told me this is weary bad for me and I should be
aware as he will write me a bad RW and left.
Everyone can check my RW´s on kinky.nl or hoocers.be under
Bara to see that my clients are always more than happy.
I have newer had this behave before, a client treating me
with a bad RW.
Kissis to all fans of my movies,