I met this guy on the bus he had like such a beard, fake eye, walking stick, big raincoat basically he just scremed of sexual predator. But despite looking like a lunatic he was a very wise oldman, He told me how the world was going to end !!! global warming, natural disasters, the second coming of the devil, now after 15 mins of listening to this guy I realised maybe he isn't the sexual deviant oldman maybe he doesn't go home and try on his sisters panties and womens clothing and touches himself looking at the oxendales catalogue, so i figured maybe just maybe this man knew what he was talking about, maybe he is telling me this stuff so that I will be the one to warn everybody about the world ending and I should be the one to prepare people and save eveyone's soul maybe..........

No seriously this guy was a complete and utter freak


I would seriously encourage everyone to take a bus its like an on the road freak show there was this other guy who had these massive ears they were like giant headphones and all along the bus journey I was just fascinated by how big they where I wonder if he could sense sounds from miles off, his ears did twiddle and twitched alot wtf just so weird.

Westside darling I would wax the ass off you anytime at the back of the bus well have so much fun id great right up that forrest of yours or as we all know it the crack, ill even do you a special, back-crack 'n' sack

Something so sexy to turn on hot liz

If you were a door baby I would slam the be jaysus out of you