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Thread: An escort for me, the virgin...

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    Default An escort for me, the virgin...

    Anyone recommend the perfect escort to take my virginity? I'm quite young, I want someone nice, im not really concerned with her age, just someone caring that will treat me right, probably need some patience, and I just want it to be an overall good experience.

    I'm talking about the Dublin area perhaps City centre, that kind of area.

    Any takers?

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    Default Hi

    Try Sabrina Lovely... She is located in city center... She offers realy nice GFE... She will put you in the mood immediately.... She will treat you very well. I've met her 3 times and I've never been dissapointed...

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    cheers man, i'll look her up now.

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    Good man arthur , i'd suggest you go for irish katy , she looks v hot and she's young and i think you might enjoy it more with someone you can talk to with ease , nothing against Sabrina but if you're nervous irish katy might be a better bet . Good luck with whoever you choose !
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    Cool First Time

    I wasn't a virgin but was as nervous as when I first visit an escort, Anna Savicha. She is number one and I've still only visited her once. You should call her. Also I went to see Isabella who was so rudely exposed by TV3 after I seen the programme to ask her would she rape me instead, she obliged and is a terrific woman, if you wanted someone a bit older. Go for Isabel, she does all services aswell as having a wonderful personality, I reckon you should get a 3 hr visit with isabel bring a reefer and a movie, something with a young Al Pacino

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    thanks lads, i'll give them a look through now, always good to leave your options open,

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    okey dokey, looking for someone free on the 26th around the evening, or anytime during the 27th.

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