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    I'm planning a weekend away (Ireland or Abroad) and was looking to bring a companion with me. It will be a Fri and Sat night. If the price is right I may move to a Mon, Tue night.

    Good Looking
    Not too young (looking anyway)
    Mature if possible (35+)
    General services, I'm the standard average randy male.
    Reasonable Rate (1000 min can be negotiated)
    I will cover all travel expense

    Please respond with any idea's yo may have !


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    Dave, if I read the above post correctly, you are looking for a companion for a minimum period of a weekend and for a fee of in or around 1000 Euro. If this is so, I am afraid you have posted on the wrong site and that you will be waiting a long time for a reply.

    1000 is in or about the minimum fee that you will get an escort working in Ireland to spend a full night (12 hours) with you, and even then you will need to shop around. I dont see you getting a weekend with an escort advertising on any Irish site for less than 3000 Euro. You really need to search abroad (Eastern European sites) for good deals. The best countries are Romania, Lithuania and the Czech Republic.

    Two sites that you can try are in Romania and and then click on the country of your choice. With a little homework, you can source plenty of escorts for between 1000 and 1500 for 3 days and there are some for a full week around the 2000 mark. These rates do not include flights and accomodation etc. In addition, you have the option of taking a holiday abroad with them or have them travel to Ireland.

    Good hunting.

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    Thanks for the advise Carlos,

    I did say 1000 min, I was hoping that I might at least get an offer. There has to be a lady out there who would like a weekend away with a little pampering and payment as well.

    One does live in hope.


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