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Thread: Warning to galway punters - avoid carmen

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    There's a girl called Carmen in galway this week from 6th september. I posted warning here before because she does'nt allow reviews. The pictures of Carmen needless to say ain't her. The pics are of a gorgeou woman and believe me the girl i met a few months ago ain't gorgeous. She's a sow and a greedy one at that. When i walked in the door she took my 150 and preceded to tell me that pussy was extra. I whipped the money back out of her greedy paws. The girl is over weight and an un-attractive girl. I only wish she was the girl in the pics but somethings are to good to be tru. The girl in question is Beatrice. B has a habit of advertising two adds in at the same time with diffrent numbers. Punters, be warned.

    NOTe. There's two carmens listed. The one i'm posting warning about is Carmen ( south american) as opposed to carmen (venezuela). Don't know anything about Carmen from venezuela. The one to avoid has a number of (087) 6826193
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