View Poll Results: What do you girls wear when recieving a guy??

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  • nice lingerie

    1 14.29%
  • just underwear

    0 0%
  • sexy dress or sexy skirt and top

    4 57.14%
  • jeans and top

    2 28.57%
  • uniform

    0 0%
  • fully clothed from top till toe

    0 0%
  • only a thong

    0 0%
  • fully naked

    0 0%
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Thread: What do you wear when recieving the guys??

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    Default What do you wear when recieving the guys??

    This Poll is especially for the girls.
    I want to know what girls wear when recieving the guys.

    In the past I have worked in USA and unless you really sure the guy is genuine or a regular, itīs a big NO NO to recieve the guys wearing underwear, lingery or naked, since it can be a cop in a sting operation.
    I always recieve guys in a nice and sexy dress or skirt and top.

    But now in Ireland I donīt need to fear so much for Law Enforcement, so Iīm thinking of making a change and recieving sometimes in nice lingerie etc.

    What do you think of that girls? How do yo do it?

    And for the guys, I know already that you like being recieved in nice lingerie and even naked, so you donīt need to say it again.

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    I have to wear my 'yellow dress', coz they love that...

    But normally I wear stuff from here>>
    Ann Summers - Exotic Sexy Lingerie
    Nice clothes, very sexy, I have sexy dress just from there....


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    Smile Dress sense

    I wear depending on client request or when it is up to me I go for my favourite outfit
    at the moment which is a punky tartan mini skirt with boots, see through top & stockings.
    My new underwear it is always from La Senza in Grafton street, size 36C/bra & size 8 for thong ( if any punter wishes to acquire me some lingerie)

    If I am engaged in an outcall depending on location hotel / house I shall opt for an elegant coat or jacket and wear a nice pair of jeans with heels with a discreet top. Sometimes I shall wear a lovely dress if requested by the client. Basically it is a matter of common sense in that it is just a matter of dressing for the occasion/location I am sure loads of girls understand this.

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