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    From reading in another thread "Hotels V Apartments Safety" I read that two escorts in an apartment is classed as a brothel. From what I read the Gardai rarely prosecute this part of the law. What I would like to know is, if this is the pure, accurate legal standpoint on two independent escorts working in the same point?

    I ask this question from a selfish point of view and due to my own ignorance on the matter. Up until now I had always thought (probably incorrectly so) that if I visited an independent escort who was in an apartment with another independent escort then there was nothing illegal taking place as opposed to a brothel. If this is not the correct legal status then where does a client stand if they are busted by the Gardai? I understand that this might indeed be a rare event but I would like to know all the risks. So if this is the case would it be better for escorts to say that they share an apartment or they have the sole use of it? I realise again that there might be problems with security for escorts saying they are on their own. I have visited escorts before who were on their own and who also were with other escorts in the same apartment but this issue has never bothered me before until I read the thread on security.

    Apologies for any inaccuracies.

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    Richardnumbertwo you raise some very good points and I confess I too am ignorant of the laws on this issue but some points you raise I can answer without taking any responsibility for any inaccuracies that might mislead.

    1. You ask "where does a client stand if they are busted by the Gardai?" There legal position is in no way altered by the fact they were either in a brothel or soliciting on the street. The charge that could be brought against them is one of soliciting for the purposes of prostitution.
    2 From an escorts legal stand I don't know if they are better off in an apartment than a hotel room or working singularly or in a pair.

    So the risk for you, the punter, in the event of a raid on an apartment, hotel room or picking up a girl on the street is the same. It has also to be proven that that was what you were doing.

    It is easily proven if a girl is running a brothel by undercover Gardai visiting their premises and being offered sex for money.................harder to prove that a punter was paying. Even in the event that they know that the girl was a working girl you could still legally have sex with her for no money.

    Simple rule if questioned is not to admit to anything that could either incriminate you or the escort.

    Just say that whatever happened between you and this girl was an act between consenting adults and that no money changed hands.

    You won't be given a lie detector test or anything like that.


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