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Thread: Street scene in clare

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    Default Street scene in clare

    Was wondering if there are any street girls in ennis and

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    Don't think there is any asked this question a while back and didn't hear anything

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    Im based in Limerick but I can travel to Ennis etc, Lorna xxx

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    Smile Shannon

    I'm going to be working in Shannon in a fortnight for a couple of weeks. Whats the scene like there? I'll be staying at a hotel close to there and wouldn't mind a bit of female company one or two nights, but I will travel for this too. Pussandboots, could you send me your number and maybe we can meet up. You could come to my hotel or I could pick you up somewhere. Will you pm me your number please. Also, does anyone know the best place near Shannon to pick up girls. I can travel to Limerick or Ennis. Ta. B.

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    The Hollow World ... Hueco Mundo if you really want to know


    im alittle surprised that there is not more girls out there trying this during the recession
    as im sure there is great money to be made doing this ... we need more girls like pus

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