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    Recently I was driving home and on passing the old youghal Rd in Cork. I noticed a girl with long black hair standing at the bus stop. As it was past 1.30 am I suspected she might be a working girl. she was situated directly across from a pub called the two horse shoes. I've seen her at different times around the same spot since. She seems to wear the same outfit all the time. She dresses in a red leather gymslip type dress with red matching knee-high boots. I think she would be in her late twenties and looks Irish (but not sure). I mentioned her to a client who got a hard on just listening to my story. He check her out the next day and reported back to me that she is Irish, early 30s, and charges 70 for the lot. The drawback is she has no accommodation and they had to do it in his car. But still 70, not a bad deal.
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