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Thread: visiting thailand?

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    Default visiting thailand?

    Title says most of it. I'm planning a trip to thailand, would like to have some good time over there, two questions:

    - As the web is litterally awash with escort ads for thailand/bangkok, any tips to avoid major scams and all kinds of nasty surprises? Any website to recommend?

    - What's the attitude of hotels concerning escort outcalls?


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    Thailand is a great place, escpecially Bangkok (Bkk). You don't specify where you are going, but Bkk is a start. Never really used the escort agency scene there, firstly it is expensive and unreliable, you are better off hunting on the street and bar scene. Depending on your negotiating skills you could get a Freelance (fl) girl from 700THB to 2000 THB (€14 to €40 Exchange is approx. 50THB to €1) for Shorttime (ST) say 1 or 2 hrs with as many pops as you can manage! Longtime (LT) usually works out about 1500THB to 4000/5000THB (€30 to €80/€100) again depends on your negotiating skills - LT can 4/5 hrs or more. The bar scene (gogo bars etc..) is very much along the same price line ST and LT although (perhaps maybe at the higher end of the scale of cost), but with bar fine starting around 500THB (€10) on top of what you agreed with the girl.

    The best place to do your research is go to the Thailand section and it is broken down for each area.

    A couple of things to bare in mind are:
    • hotels are not always 'guest' friendly, so you could be charged for any additional visitors. Check with your hotel about their guest policy. Better still get a guest friendly hotel - details of hotels etc.. are on the above website.
    • For your protection the girl(s) is(are) required to hand her ID to the reception when going to your room, she collects it again when leaving - sometimes the receipton will contact you in your room to ensure everything is ok before releasing her ID.
    • The risk of being scammed/robbed are more with FL, cause they are not attached to a particular bar/club/mp, your comeback is alot less, so use common sense and lock valuables and money is the safe.
    • Bring your own condoms, the ones available to Thailand can be on the small side.
    • Be aware of Taxis taking you to mp etc..., they are usually on a commission for taking you to certain places which is added to your bill and these places tend not to be the best for services etc.. Although there is exceptions to this rule - just be aware! Also when taking a taxi anywhere insist on them turning on the metre, if they don't just get out of the taxi and flag another.
    • When buying drinks pay as you go, don't run a tab. Lady drinks are always that bit more expensive, but don't feel under pressure to buy a lady drink.
    • Pay the girl at the end of the session, if she insists payment up front tell her to go or agree to put it on the table but she does not get it until the session is finished.
    • Tipping the girl is greatly accepted but not necessary, only if you are happy with the service. Sometimes an incentive for a good service is tell her she will get a nice tip for her at the end.

    Anyway do your research on above site, it should give you all you need.

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